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A Balanced And Integrated Approach To Veterinary Medicine



• Acute • Animal Communication
• Behaviour/Mental/Emotional

• Flower Essences

• Chronic/Recurring• Herbs
• Tumours• Homeopathics
• Lameness• Tissue Salts
• Skin• Bowen Therapy
• Hormonal• Energy Balancing
• Dietary/Nutritional• Barefoot Trimming
• Resistant to Regular Therapies • Euthanasia Advice

• Unresolved• Free Demonstrations
• Human/Animal Interaction • Seminars/Coaching
• Pet Selection • Distance Consultations

 Vetcare Services
Incorporating the experience of 20 years in regular Veterinary Practice with 15 years in the field of Natural Therapies to provide a broad-based view of your animals’ health. more...

 Holistic Modalities
Healing comes with focused and pure intention aligned with universal truths – nothing more. Add a natural diet and a life of peace and harmony combined with.. more...

• Intuitive Communication 1 (2 days)
• Intuitive Anatomy and Physiology 1 (5 days)
• Homoeopathic First Aid (before you call the vet) more...

 Case Studies
“Peewee” a 19 year old Hunter had a history of allergic reactions on his hind feet with lameness and a marked mood change from a happy go lucky horse to an unhappy horse... more...

 About Holistic Vetcare
Michael’s life and work are as ‘one’, with animals being his teachers and friends. He always asks them what they would be naturally better-for and he follows their advice because he has... more...